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Profession: IT General Contractor

Microsoft MVP in Windows Server: Admin Frameworks (Powershell)

Strong Competencies: Directory Services, Powershell, Automation, Design, Citrix XP/4.0/4.5
Core Competencies: General Scripting, Network Security, VBscript, Batch, SQL,VMWare

Getting Started with Powershell?

Community Sites

Powershell Guide:

Powershell in Action
Windows Powershell Cookbook
Powershell TFM

FREE! Quest AD CMDLets

Great Powershell and Group Policy Tool


Good Info
Effective PowerShell Series!5A8D2641E0963A97!788.entry

Here are some helpful commands for powershell
PS> Get-help Set-ExecutionPolicy -full
PS> Get-help Get-Command -full
PS> Get-help Get-Member -full
PS> Get-help Foreach-object -full
PS> Get-help where-object -full

Note: If you’d like some help learning Powershell or you’re struggling with some concepts — feel free to contact me through a post or via my blog. I am happy to spend what spare time I have helping you learn but I would like be clear on one aspect of that — I want to help you LEARN, not do your job for you. I will NOT simply write script after script if I don’t think the underlying goal is education. I will happily spend hours assisting anyone if I believe I can help them gain a better understanding through the solution/script I provide but I will not waste even 5 minutes if I believe the goal to be the easy way out (you know who you are ;0).

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