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Re-Awarded the Microsoft MVP for Powershell.

I was very happy to get the email today. We (MVPs) generally feel we do enough but we are always concerned that MS thinks so 🙂

I would also like to welcome “Mr. Antoine Habert” to the Powershell MVP ranks. I *think* he is the only new one and I don’t believe we lost any.

2 Responses to “Re-Awarded the Microsoft MVP for Powershell.”

  1. on 01 Oct 2009 at 4:54 pmRobert Singers

    Congratulations. You deserve the accolade.

  2. on 02 Oct 2009 at 12:20 pmMike Kline

    Great job Brandon!!! You are one of the top guys around.

    My nominations for lifetime MVPs follow

    Powershell – You
    Directory Services – Joe Richards
    Group Policy – Darren

    Look forward to seeing you in Feb at the summit.

    Talk to you later


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