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BSonPosh Module goes Beta (2)

I released a private beta a little bit back but this is an open beta (and there is a whole bunch more in it.)

How to Install

  • Download: BSonPosh Powershell Module
  • Extract ZIP to your module folder $Env:PSModulePath. I found it better use the global module path (although it requires admin rights.)
  • Import-module bsonposh

Report bugs (please)

  • via Discussions
  • via Wave located here ( requires Google wave account )
  • via Contact form

A little taste of the 88 cmdlets

  • Get-CPU
  • Get-DiskSpace
  • Get-LocalGroupMember
  • Get-OSVersion
  • Get-RebootTime
  • Get-Uptime
  • Get-WindowsUpdate
  • Get-SysInternals
  • Get-Routetable

Even added a whole suite of Registry functions

  • Get-RegistryHive
  • Get/Set/New-RegistryKey
  • Get/Set/New-RegistryValue
  • Remove-RegistryKey
  • Remove-RegistryValue
  • Test-RegistryKey
  • Test-RegistryValue

Hope you find use for these and please provide feedback. Thanks!

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