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How would you do it (AD Convergance?)

I think its great how you can do so many things so differently in Powershell. So here is the Challenge.

Goal is to check Active Directory replication convergance?

1) No third Party tools/snapins (only whats there by defualt)
2) No Creating Objects in AD
3) Must work in Large Environments
4) It needs to be fast.

1) Return the Up To Dateness Vector Table
2) Have a monitor mode where it loops
3) Power Gadget Snap-in for RESULTS ONLY!

IMO the only way to do this is to get this information is the to get the
HighestOrginatingUSN for a server and then check the UTD Vector on each
server to see if it is greater than the HighestOrginatingUSN. The only
problem with this approach is time… when done serially… this takes
awhile which makes it useable in large environments. I am investigating
runspaces to achieve this.

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