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Run-Command.ps1 : Run External Commands with Power!

I was working late tonight and we had to run a bunch of third party EXEs and such. We do this a good bit so I can’t always avoid calling external executables and I also find psexec.exe much easier than any powershell way to run remote commands. That said I find myself constantly writing this.

$servers = Get-Content $file
foreach($server in $servers)
   Do Something Here Like
   psexec \\$server mycmd.exe param1

I decided to write a script call Run-Command.ps1.
This will take three parameters
– File (list of servers to process)
– Cmd (Command to run with %S% where you want the server name to be replaced)
– Check (just shows what command would run)
– Will also take Piped Input

PS> .\Run-Command.ps1 -file c:\serverlist.txt -cmd “psexec \\%S% mycmd.exe Hello World” -check


    function Ping-Server {
        $pingresult = Get-WmiObject win32_pingstatus -f "address=’$srv’"
        if($pingresult.statuscode -eq 0) {$true} else {$false}
    $servers = @()
        if($_.ServerName){$servers += $_.ServerName}
        else{$servers += $_}
    if($file){Get-Content $file | %{$servers += $_}}
    foreach($server in $servers)
        if(ping-server $server)
            if($verbose){Write-Host "+ Processing Server $Server"}
            $mycmd = $cmd -replace "\%S\%",$Server
            if($whatif){Write-Host "  – WOULD RUN $mycmd"}
            else{if($verbose){Write-Host "  – Running $mycmd"};invoke-Expression $mycmd}
            Write-Host "+ $Server FAILED PING" -foregroundcolor RED

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  1. […] Re: File in use – part 2 You’ll want to try to perhaps ping the computer first before going into your function. Brandon provides some good code here: [link] That should get you going, otherwise let us know. Marco Published Wednesday, October 17, 2007 4:26 AM by Google Group […]

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