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Find-CitrixUser.ps1 (Citrix Top 10)

This is another script that I can use quite often. It is a simple script that queries all the sessions and returns the ones where the User matches. I made the User a RegEx search so you could do multiple users.

Name: Find-CitrixUser.ps1
Purpose: Finds where the user(s) are and outputs session info

# Find-CitrixUser.ps1
# Brandon Shell [MVP]
# Finds where the user(s) are and out puts session info
function HelpMe{
    Write-Host " Find-CitrixUser.ps1:" -fore Green
    Write-Host "   Finds where the user(s) are and out puts session info"
    Write-Host " Parameters:" -fore Green
    Write-Host "   -User                  : Optional. Name of the User or RegEx (Default is all users)"
    Write-Host "   -Help                  : Optional. Displays This"
    Write-Host " Examples:" -fore Green
    Write-Host "   Finds User TestMe and outputs and returns ServerName,ClientAddress, and SessionID" -fore White
    Write-Host "     .\Find-CitrixUser.ps1 | ft ServerName,ClientAddress,SessionID " -fore Yellow
    Write-Host "   Finds all Users who start with ‘Sales’ and returns UserName,ServerName, and SessionID"  -fore White
    Write-Host "     .\Find-CitrixUser.ps1 `"^sales`" | ft UserName,ServerName,SessionID " -fore Yellow
    Write-Host "   To View All properties availiable." -fore White
    Write-Host "     .\Find-CitrixUser.ps1 <username> | Get-Member" -fore Yellow

# Check for the Help or if

# Code to Get the Farm and Initialize
$farm = New-Object -com "MetaframeCOM.MetaFrameFarm"

# Get the Sessions and Parse for Users who match
$farm.Sessions | ?{$_.UserName -match $user}

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