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Back From the MVP Summit

Well… Just got back from a week in Redmond. It was awesome!

First I want to thank MS for putting this all together. It was a testament to their commitment to the community and desire to see their products succeed.

While this was my first MVP summit, I did hear several others comment on how this was the best one yet.

I was VERY lucky to have a seasoned MVP vet (Dean Wells) show me the ropes and introduce me to some of the (IMO) smartest technical people on the planet. These guys/gals are not only incredibly smart… but they were an absolute blast to hang out with.

I doubt they subscribe to my blog but I wanted to do a shout out and link their blogs/Sites

Dean Wells: Absolute Great Trainer/Consultant
joe Richards (joeware):
Joe Kaplan :
Brian Desmond:
Laura Hunter:
Mr Hunter (Mark Arnold) :
Gil Kirkpatrick (NetPro):
Ulf B. Simon-Weidner’s:
Tony Murray (founder Blog:
Little Jimmy:
Darren Mar-Elia (SDMSoftware):
Princess Jorge!:
Brett Shirley:
Eric Fleischman: (currently VERY slow to post)

I can not tell you (literally I am under NDA 🙂 ) How much I learned this past week.

What I can say is that for Powershell… the future is VERY BRIGHT!

The time with the Powershell Dev team was great. Again… can’t say much, but they have great plans.

I spent about 5hrs with the Active Directory team discussing their plans. If the AD Team can pull off what they have planned… OMG it is awesome. AD administration will never be the same.

The next version of SCVMM looks great.

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