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Controlling VMWare VMs with VI Toolkit (Playing Around Series)

In this video I show starting, Pausing, Resuming and Stopping VMs using Get-VM, Start-VM, Suspend-VM, and Stop-VM

Note: These are fast run throughts, but you can pause and read the comments.


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Demo File

# Connect to Virtual Center
# View our current VMs
# Pick Specific VM
get-vm SDK-XPSP2
# To start VM
get-vm SDK-XPSP2 | Start-VM
# To pause VM
get-vm SDK-XPSP2 | Suspend-VM -Confirm:$False
# To resume it again
get-vm SDK-XPSP2 | Start-VM
# To stop VM
get-vm SDK-XPSP2 | Stop-VM -Confirm:$False

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