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joe’s Response to my perf testing.

I really appreciate him taking the time to post. He didn’t have to. It can be found HERE

A couple of things here:

1) I don’t want to pretend to be a software developer. I have not the first clue when it comes to writing apps. I am just now learning how data types affect performance. It is quite a leap from scripter to developer. My point here is that adfind is an app that has grown over time and has what is called “feature creep.” Most of the features were not intended and joe has just squeezed them in. I have no doubt if joe wanted to he could re-write adfind in a way that would absolutely blow my little feature lacking script away.

2) My point in this exercise is that when it comes to AD and Perf is concern there is a potential option out there if you do not mind the extra work.

3) I respect joe not only for his developer skills but as a person with a ton of knowledge about AD and a willingness to share that knowledge. joe does not advertise on his site and he gives all his tools away for free. He doesnt ask for anything in return.

4) My testing is not over. IMO for this to be a real success I need to be able to achieve similar performance returning objects… I mean that is the whole point right?

5) I will be working with Darren
(GPOGuy) from SDMSoftware to produce a CMDLet version of my script with a ton more features so watch his site.

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