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What Are “Parameterized Properties?”

I recently had someone ask me a question about property types. They kept referring to Parameterized Properties and while I knew they were confused, I only had vague understanding of this concept and I knew I definitely could not define it.

I had tried google and all I came up with was this ETS Parameterized Properties. I shot this description over to a friend at MS and he said that was a bad definition and one didn’t really exist. I asked him to define it the best he can and here is the result. I would consider this source pretty authoritative 🙂

Note: These are very common with COM Objects

Parameterized Property

Properties are members that are accessed like fields but are actually methods. There is a setter method for setting the value of the property and a getter method for getting the current value of the property. Normally, the setter method takes only one parameter (the value to set) and the getter does not take any.

However, there are situations where additional parameters are needed. Consider the case where you want to use the property to get and set a member of a collection. To do this, the setter method requires 2 parameters—the index (location) in the collection and the value to set the member to; the getter method requires 1 parameter—the index to retrieve the value from. When a property requires additional parameters to operate, it is called a parameterized property or an indexer.

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