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Using Citrix MFCOM Inpersonation Remotely

I often get questions about scripts running with no errors, but not returning any valid information.

For example

$mfFarm = New-object -com "MetaframeCOM.MetaFrameFarm"
$mfFarm.FarmName # will return the Farm Name, but that is it.
$mfFarm | gm # all the properties are there, but blank
# But none of the properties provide any info
$mfFarm.Admins # returns nothing

I ran into this a while back and meant to blog it but forgot. I was asked this question again today and decided to finally get to blogging it.

Generally the cause is that MFCOM is not configure for impersonation. MFCom needs to be able to act as if it is the user using the script. This is called impersonation. To make this work, you must configure DCOM to use impersonation using the article below.

See here for more info and how to change it.
Configuring MFCOM Access Security

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