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Cool new blog to watch (up and coming Powershellite)

I often run into blogs while googling for stuff at work and when I find good ones I like to share.

I found this one looking for NC373i driver info and it turned out to be a great blog and not just because it answered my question, but it has a solid focus on engineering type tasks (like debuggin and scripting.)

Anyway here it is:

p.s. Funny story, The evening before I found his blog we had an email conversation regarding Powershell (we have a common friend Brian Puhl.) His blog never came up, but the next day I was googling something completely unrelated and his blog was the first hit… how crazy is that?

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  1. on 03 Oct 2008 at 6:00 pmHal Rottenberg

    Jon picked up on this blog as well…we feature 3 of his articles in the upcoming episode of the podcast.

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