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I often find the need to compare the state of my PS servers. This little script allows me to find all the Citrix hotfixes for a group of server(s), or list of server(s) that have a specific hotfix.

$File: The name of the file which contains a list of servers
$Filter: Name or Regex of the Hotfix(es) to return
$Server: Name of the server to check

What it returns (a custom object):
ServerName: Name of the Server with the Hotfix(es)
Hotfixes: List of hotfix names [String[]]
RawObjects: Array of MFCOM MetaFrameHotfix objects

To List all the Hotfixes on a list of servers
.\Test-CitrixHotfix.ps1 ServerList.txt

To List a Specific hotfix on a list of servers
.\Test-CitrixHotfix.ps1 ServerList.txt -filter PSE450W2K3021

To List all the hotfixes on a specific Server
.\Test-CitrixHotfix.ps1 -s Server1

To List a specific hotfix for a specific server
.\Test-CitrixHotfix.ps1 -s Server1 -filter PSE450W2K3021

The Code:


Function Ping-Server {
   $pingresult = Get-WmiObject win32_pingstatus -f "address=’$Server’"
   if($pingresult.statuscode -eq 0) {$true} else {$false}
Function Check-CitrixHotfix{
    $mf = New-Object -ComObject MetaframeCOM.MetaframeFarm
    $srv = $mf.GetServer2(6,$server)
    $list = $srv.winServerObject2.hotfixes | ?{$_.Name -match $filter}

if($file -and (Test-Path $file))
    $servers = cat $file
    $servers = $input

if($server){$servers += $server}

foreach($srv in $servers)
    if(Ping-Server $srv)
        $hotfixes = Check-CitrixHotfix $srv
        $myobj = "" | Select-Object ServerName,Hotfixes,RawObjects
        $myobj.ServerName = $srv
        $myobj.Hotfixes   =  $hotfixes | %{$_.Name}
        $myobj.RawObjects = $hotfixes
        write-host $srv
        write-host "————"
        write-host "Server not pingable"

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