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Proof MS is betting BIG on Powershell

If you haven’t figure this out yet or somehow missed it on my blog. MS is putting a HUGE amount of effort towards Powershell. We are talking dozens and dozens of groups at MS working with Powershell.

Just to let you know how important it is to Microsoft… Check this out

Jeffrey gets Distinguished Engineer

That may not mean much to you… but that is HUGE. There not many (like 36) Distinguished Engineers at MS. It is a huge honor and a testament to the value MS puts in Jeffrey and on Powershell.

One Response to “Proof MS is betting BIG on Powershell”

  1. on 16 Mar 2009 at 6:03 pmJoel "Jaykul" Bennett

    Yeah, 36 Distinguished engineers, 23 Technical Fellows … and 127 (Corporate or Senior) Vice Presidents. What the…

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