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Powershell and MFCom (Citrix takes more steps)

Vishal Ganeriwala is hosting a webinar on the 29th of April on Powershell and MFCom. This is just another example of Citrix actively embracing Powershell.

It will cover some basic Powershell for those who do not have much XP with Powershell.
– What is an Object
– Properties
– Methods
– New-Object (-ComObject)

It will also cover how to create a Citrix Farm Object in Powershell and some of the interactive nature of Powershell
– Getting Farm Properties
– Getting Applications
– Getting Servers
– Getting Sessions

– Get Current Sessions Client Resolution

Consortio Services Podcast

I had the chance to spend some time with the Consortia folks last night discussing Powershell and its place for the administrator in the next couple of years. Please stop by and listen to the Podcast.

More Info:
Consortio Services was founded by 3 technology experts who have over 35 years of combined expertise in nearly all facets of Information Technology. They have gained real world knowledge in such diverse areas as Networking Systems infrastructure, Telephony support, Operating System maintenance, Database Architecture, Design, and Administration, and Software design and support.

Eric Beehler – Network Technologies Consultant
Eric Johnson – Database Technologies Consultant
Joshua Jones – Operating Systems Consultant

Visit the website here

Me, Dean and A couple of Admins Podcasting (what fun!)

I was lucky enough to spend some time with the ACOAP (A couple of Admins Podcasting) guys and a friend (and fellow MVP) Dean Wells. We had a blast just discussing the MVP program and Other MS programs.

The ‘after party’ was really fun, but we only had so much time for the actual podcast so it had to get trimmed. We hope to do another session with them.

Podcast Here
Episode 28 – MVP’s In The House

More Info for Dean Wells and MSETechnology

New Powershell Podcast is out and I am a guest!!!

The new PodCast is out and avaible here

I was happy and proud to be the first guest. Thanks GUYs!